Tracking What Matters:
How Activity Trackers Play a Part in an Integrated Wellness Strategy 

Wednesday, July 25 | 10am PT

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
10:00am PST - 1:00pm EST

Activity trackers are leading the way in digital health trends. More than 22% of employers are utilizing activity trackers in their health wellness benefits plans, making it one of the fastest growing technologies in digital health.

You'll Learn How
  • Activity trackers can motivate total health awareness and improve wellbeing, from an individual level all the way to a full employee population
  • An integrated wellbeing and care guidance approach can enable you to get more out of your incentives strategy
  • Accenture used activity trackers as part of a comprehensive effort to get their population moving and drive sustained engagement
Julie Wilkes
North American Wellness Lead

Taylor Helgren
Director, Business Strategy
Fitbit Health Solutions
Mary Cain
Senior Director of Clinical Strategy and Behavior Change
Castlight Health

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